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40 years of experience

Since 1976, Forézienne has been innovating, designing and manufacturing cutting tools meeting the highest performances.

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A worldwide network

Forézienne MFLS, exporting to more than 100 countries, has developped partnerships and a proximity sales network.

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At the edge of technology

With 23 000 m2  of modern workshops, 230 employees located on 4 production sites, Forézienne provides you innovating and high quality tools.

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Satisfaction guaranteed

Forézienne offers its customers a local service, supported by a strong commercial team.

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We innovate for you

"The main target of our R&D department is to provide our customers innovations and most efficient solutions."

marque forezienne

These products are developed by our R & D and are predominantly manufactured within the group Forézienne MFLS.

marque forezienne produit

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marque forez tool

Profile cutters, cutter heads, chucks, knives, carbide or diamond tools are specially designed for industrial manufacturing.

marque forez tool produit

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marque forestill

The FORESTILL® steel is specially designed for the manufacture of band saw blades.

marque forestill produit

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marque forestill tct

The brainchild of our R & D impresses users.

marque forestill tct produit

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marque hyper cut

Tools at the cutting edge of technology : TCT Hyper-Cut for thin kerf applications.

marque hyper cut produit

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contact jean philippe vacher

Jean-Philippe VACHER, Export manager

It's been a long way since we started the export department in 1986. Today more than 100 countries and a continuous development. More than ever, this is the result of a complex balance of professionalism, expertise, innovation, partnerships... In any case, our main target remains : the customers satisfaction !


Thierry MORIN, Contact Commercial France

Je mets en avant notre savoir-faire et la technicité de nos produits pour développer un partenariat avec les clients et travailler ainsi sur le long terme.